How Can Periodic Workplace Redesigns Help Boost Overall Employee Morale?

According to management’s reports and studies done over decades, there is a strong link between employee morale and overall productivity. Now, you probably don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, of research grants and other funds to figure this out.

You only need to talk to a front-line manage at and McDonalds and he/she will give you basically the same things.

The truth is when people feel good about themselves, what they do, and what they are about, you’d be surprised as to how quickly and purposeful they move.

Now, a lot of people can understand how speed can impact productivity. The problem is when you look at productivity primarily in terms of units produced within a certain block of time, you’re just looking at human beings as flesh and blood versions of machines.

That’s really what you’re doing because when you buy a machine for a factory, you measure the machine’s productivity in terms of units per block of time. How’s that any different from measuring human productivity?

There is an added element that a lot of people are simply blind to. This element actually proves to be the secret ingredient to boosting maximum success.

I am of course, talking about focus. Somebody can be producing a lot of actions for a fairly short period of time and this can lead to productivity. Nobody’s disputing that.

However, businesses can make better profits, not just with the amount of units they sell but also the quality of the units they sell. Quality is often left outside the analysis. A lot of people side-step it. In fact, to many people refuse to see it.

Believe it or not, by investing in redesigning your workplace and doing this on a continuous or scheduled basis, you can boost employee morale. When people feel good about themselves, about what they do, and about their investments of their personal time, they tend to be more creative.

This is the secret ingredient to better quality. You have to understand that quality standards really boils down to some sort of puzzle that you give to your employees.

They have to conduct themselves in a way so that they solve that puzzle. When they do things, everything fits together and the quality of products that they produce is very good. This applies to services as well.

Now, if you were to boost their morale, there can be a point where they actually start experimenting to make sure that they can conduct themselves in such a way that they can meet both numerical and quality standards. The overall value of their work per unit of time worked explodes.

I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but there’s really no other word that comes close. It really explodes.

Instead of having to settle for $1 per widget that a worker produces, you can sell it for $5 because it’s a premium widget using a premium design. Do you see how this works?

All of this is only possible if the right morale level is there. People would feel more energized. They feel that they have such an emotional investment in what they do that they go the extra mile.

Believe it or not, by simply reorganizing the interior spaces of your areas of production, you can boost morale which can lead to greater productivity and most importantly, greater work output quality. That’s how the game is played.