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This website is a collection of a wide variety of links gathered from all over the internet that all talk about the same subject. The main subject this website tackles is the impact of physical space to work productivity and quality.

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It is our strong belief that if people were only a bit more mindful regarding the physical place they occupy when they work, they are going to be better off. Not only will they be better off in terms of the number of units that they would be producing, they would also be better off in terms of their time management.

You have to understand that working involves trading your time for money. That's really what you're doing. You are substituting time for money. It really would be a shame to spend a tremendous amount of time in a place that sucks out your motivation as you try to work hard.

It's as if you are rolling a rock up a hill, only to see it slide back down at the precise moment when it's supposed to roll into place. Talk about frustrating. Talk about discouraging.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find themselves in this exact position because they are clueless regarding the impact of their physical environment to their mental state of flow.

If you want to be truly productive, you have to achieve a state of flow. You have to feel that everything you do has a purpose. You have to feel that everything you do is going to be just right.

This takes quite a bit of discipline. This also takes quite a bit of experience. Most importantly, it takes the right kind of external signals from the outer world for everything to fall into place.

I don't care how motivated you are, I don't care how many productivity classes you have taken, I don't care how many specialized training systems you have mastered. If you are getting a lot of verbal and nonverbal signals from the outside world that tend to take away from your motivation level, you're not going to be all that productive.

Even if you were able to produce quite a bit of materials or work output, the quality of those materials is probably nothing to write home about.

We advocate for better workplaces by pointing out that people just need to make certain basic changes. This is supported by the thousands of links we have collected here. But here's the problem, these links can go bad.

People buy websites and they buy domain names for all sorts of reasons. And just like that, they can also refuse to update their registration. And for all practical purposes, the website disappears. In other words, they let the domain expire.

How can people find your website when the name that they use to find your site has expired? The domain registrar is no longer referring any searches for that domain or any inputs of that domain to browsers to your website. This happens all the time.

As thorough as our resources may be, we need your help because you're the one who's clicking through these materials. You're the one who's interacting and engaging with these materials on a daily basis. You are in the front lines.

Let us know if there is something off. Let us know if there are links that have gone bad. Let us know if there are links that lead to pages that really don't load all that well. We need to get this information so we can get to the bottom of the problem.

We consider you an ally, if not a partner, for the success of this website. If you love the content that we have here, please do us a big favor, speak up if you notice that something is wrong. Maybe a page is missing, or maybe content doesn't load properly – whatever shape or form these errors take, we need to know so we can deliver a better experience to you.