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This website is the home of a nonprofit that specializes in training establishments, regardless of whether they are private or public, in utilizing space to maximize workplace enjoyment and productivity.

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The key here is consistency. The more you keep at something, the more likely things will start to fall into place and you will be able to see the big picture while connecting the dots. This leads to higher levels of proficiency, competence, and most importantly, confidence.

All these work together. And it all boils down to simply getting up, and trying again and again and again. That's right, even if you meet with one setback after another, the fact that you get up and try again helps build you up for that ultimate point of victory.

Unfortunately, this is very hard to do if you constantly overlook the clutter around you. It really is that basic.

If you have a workplace that is cluttered in terms of room arrangement or boxes and other materials positioned around you, you're making things so much harder on yourself. It's just so much harder to achieve a state of flow. In fact, in many cases, it's downright impossible. This really boils down to being proactive.

You have to understand that clutter takes two forms. There's clutter the way we normally understand clutter. This is clutter that's in the form of trash or even furniture that is badly arranged. This also involves all sorts of personal effects like cups, mugs, paperwork, and other stuff that is fairly easy to move.

That's the dividing line, really, between this type of clutter and the other type. The first type of clutter is fairly easy to move. You may need another person to help you lift it, but it can be moved. So, accordingly, it can be anything fairly small or it can be a piece of furniture that's just badly laid out or badly placed in some sort of interior space.

The second type of clutter takes a little bit more work to deal with. This clutter is design clutter.

Maybe the architect who came up with your workspace made the wrong decisions. Maybe this person just laid out the floor plan in a way that saves the owner of the premises quite a bit of money. Whatever the case may be, the clutter here is the actual orientation design and layout of the interior space.

This is harder to fix. You have to work around these elements.

And unfortunately, nine times out of ten, you really cannot work around them and you have to basically compensate by moving furniture around or proactively having to get up from your workspace or leave your cubicle to get some sort of mental reset.

You're just in a toxically designed interior space and you really have to put in the extra effort to get up and get some sort of fresh perspective.

Whatever the case may be, you need to understand how your workspace impacts both your performance and the performance of the people you're responsible for. Whether you're an employee or an employer, everybody is going to be affected by their space.

This website aims to produce winning workplaces. How? We make available all sorts of layouts, diagrams and blueprints that enable architects from all four corners of the globe to come up with truly amazing interior spaces that boost productivity.

You have to remember that what you see from the external world plays a major role in how you feel internally.

Now, this is not rocket science. I'm sure I'm not saying anything that is completely new to you. What is completely new is the fact that you can exercise a tremendous amount of control over the stimuli that you get from the outside world.

A lot of people are under the impression that they're basically just going to have to take whatever the world has to offer them. No. That's not the way to go about doing things because you can't be passive. You do always have the power of choice. You can decide to do things differently.

By simply being a little bit more vigilant regarding the amount of clutter around you and always understanding its practical impact on your productivity, work outlook, and overall attitude, you can set things up in such a way that your physical space can lead you to achieve states of flow more frequently.

This takes quite a bit of doing, but the good news is that the more you do this, the better you get at it. The more you do this, the more you fine tune your external environment, and this can lead to really amazing results.

Believe it or not, what you are exposed to,
in terms of the space around you, has a big role to play on how productive you are.

A lot of people are under the impression that they just need to be motivated for them to work at optimal speeds. Some people believe the idea that as long as they are properly motivated and are given enough opportunity, they will do well.

I wish these ideas were true. I wish that they apply across the board. Unfortunately, they're only true in certain contexts. And sadly, if we don't pay close attention to our physical space and workplace, we will find it very difficult to reach a state of flow.

If you're reading this and you work, chances are, you have reached a state of flow at some point in the past. A state of flow is when things come easy to you. Maybe you are writing an article, maybe you are coming up with financials for a presentation, or maybe you are preparing for a product presentation with a doctor or other kind of professional.

Whatever the case may be, and whatever field you may be in, when you are in a state of flow, things come easy to you. And all your experiences as well as your knowledge base work together to produce high quality work in a ridiculously short period of time. Everybody goes through this.

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